Feyza Akinerdem

Dr. Feyza Akınerdem is a sociologist who studies the doing and undoing of life with an eye for details, hacks and possibilities. She is specialized in mediated forms of persuasion, deception, and lie-telling. She provides research and consultancy services for political organizations, research companies, and civil society that build, support, and advocate a just and equitable life for all.

An enthusiastic sociologist with academic credentials and professional experience, Akınerdem worked as a researcher in research projects of various civil society organizations starting from 2007. After completing her doctoral studies between 2008 and 2015 in City University London, she taught courses at various universities and later served as a consultant in the projects of Havle Women’s Association, established in 2019. In September 2019, she became the managing partner of Dissensus Research and Consultancy Inc., where she managed several civil society research projects under the topic of gender, such as violence against women, early marriages, and women’s access to reproductive health. She conducted fieldwork, prepared reports, and provided consultancy services. After the establishment of ZFA Research, she provided services to local and international companies, civil society organizations, think tanks, research companies, and local governments. With a passion for unraveling the qualitative dimensions of society, Akınerdem carries out her professional journey as trusted expert in the field of qualitative research both in national and international markets.